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Are you old enough to remember this terrifying commercial?
This is going to be a strange question, especially since I've made myself scarce around LJ lately, but it's bugging the heck out of me, and I can't find info on it anywhere on the net.

I should add that it probably won't mean anything to anyone under forty, so if you aren't at least that old, ask someone who is. Pass the word. Someone, somewhere, must remember this.

Okay: does anyone remember a civil defense commercial that ran on local stations (maybe just mine, but I doubt it) in, I think, the 1960s? It was animated, and showed a regular guy doing various activities. Then, a stern-sounding voice would say, "WHEREVER YOU ARE, WHATEVER YOU'RE DOING, IF YOU HEAR THIS SOUND..." followed by the air raid siren. Then, they would tell you to go to a shelter, or hide in your basement, or whatever, and listen for further instructions. The last image of the commercial was the guy's hand reaching out from under a table and turning on his radio with a "click."

That scared the hell out of me as a kid. They used to run it during during afternoon cartoon shows (I specifically remember The Hulk), and I used to close my eyes and tightly cover my ears until I was sure it was over. Still, that voice used to come haunt me at bedtime, making me hide under the covers with a pillow over my head, as if The Voice could somehow reach out and grab me.

It was terrible growing up during the nuclear era, when the Cubans or the Russians or whomever might send missiles our way at any moment, and my school, as well as many other buildings, had those yellow and black plaques marking them as civil defense shelters.

God, I feel old.

Help, please?

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I think you are a year older than me. I seem to have missed this, but I remember the emergency warning system.

no idea where you are now, but happy birthday, in case you ever do get back here.

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