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SG-1: The Road Not Taken
daniel pout

8:01…Well, they finally get around to mentioning Daniel. And last week, it just slipped your minds--?

8:03…I am so over “canon” AU stories. TBFTGOG, Point of View, Moebius 1&2, and Ripple Effect were plenty, thank you.

8:08…General Hammond! Eeeee!

8:09…Uh, Sam? Just ask if they’ve had any experience with the Quantum Mirror.

8:11…Why aren’t they more suspicious of her? I would be. How do they know she doesn’t have ulterior motives?

8:15…I suppose it’s too much to hope that she’ll blow herself up twice with those experiments, isn’t it? Ooh, that was mean.

8:18…These “Sam episodes” really bore me.

8:20…Where’s the rest of this universe’s SG-1?

8:22…President Landry? Okaaaaay…

8:25…If the Ori attack now, will the episode be over? Can we have another one instead?

8:26…Excuse me, but how long ago was it that she couldn’t even conceal a small town with that device? Last week, right? And now she’s managed the entire Earth? Yeah, I’m buying this. *snort*

8:34…Sam used to be the only one they hadn’t tried to give Daniel’s lines to. There’s a reason -- they don’t fit in her mouth.

8:44…They’re being absolutely horrible to Sam… and I don’t care.

8:48…She’s up to something.

8:49…Oh, please, they didn’t know she would do that? I knew she would do that.

8:51…You know, this universe sucks. If the writers are trying to make a political statement, they’re laying it on too thick; and, if they’re just trying to tell an interesting story, they’re failing miserably. Here’s a hint: next time, pick a different character.

8:56…Here we go, the Complete Reversal, where everything is resolved in less than five minutes. They should patent it, and then throw away the patent.

8:59…Vala’s hug (and the joke about Rodney’s character) were the only moments of entertainment I got out of the last hour. Yikes.
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I soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo agree with everything! OMG! I watched because well... it's new. But man! I was so ready for it to be over. This makes me very glad that I don't watch Atlantis because, if I did, I'd quit starting next season.

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