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No further warnings on SG:A
I’ve decided to quit posting warnings on chapters of Stargate: Alchemy from now on.

It’s not that big an impact, really; after all, aaaaaahz and I are writing a gen AU (of sorts), so it’s not as though any kind of sexual squick will sneak up and whack someone over the head. Still, it means that from now on I won’t be telling you (other than through the rating) whether anyone swears, or anyone dies, or any type of emotional intensity is present.

Why have I chosen to do this? Mainly, it was the influence of this post, which I found through metafandom. I’ve never been much for either political correctness, or being deliberately incorrect. Mainly, I just like to do my own thing in a way that suits me best. And, as hth_the_first’s post reminded me, I like the element of surprise, and think our readers should have the benefit of it too.

This isn’t terribly controversial, I know, since we don’t have hundreds of readers hanging on every word. (Or if we do, hey, drop me a line! *g*) Still, I thought I should say something about why the warnings disappeared, in case anyone noticed.

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I'm in agreement with that. I don't like putting warnings on my fics, because it feels like I'm giving too much away. When you rent a movie, or go see it in the theater, they don't tell you anything past the rating and sometimes what it's for (language, sexual situations, violence, etc.), so why should fic? I'll include names of episodes that the fic references, in case someone views that as spoilers, and I'll give pairings (if any, though rarely), but that's about it for specifics.

The more I think about this, the more comfortable I am with my decision. If I wrote smut (like to read, don't write), I might consider warning for something like rape, or non-con, or extreme sexual practices, because those can squick a lot of people. However, if I warn for language or character death, it amounts to treating the readers like children, and I don't want to do that.

Everyone should be able to decide for themselves what, if any, warning system they want to use on their fic (unless an archive/community has specific rules). If some people got upset because omg I killed Teal'c (which I'm not planning right now), I'd have to say sorry, but I wanted to shock/surprise you. That's the way storytelling is supposed to work.

*nod* Also agreed. I'm writing a rather dark SG-1 mystery novella, where one of the characters has started killing off the others (not just spontaneously, but through alien influence), and I only give little clues as well as red herrings. If I warned in advance that specific people were going to die, process of elimination would give away the killer far sooner than I want. It totally defeats the purpose of a mystery story. You're not supposed to know who lives and who dies, not until the ending. Half the fun is not knowing who will survive and who's about to get axed.

It's the 14th of February

Everywhere I go! I can't seem to avoid it. Not on google, not on my brother's site, not on the sign at the dry cleaners I drive past on my way to work.

It made me think of you. Cause you're the first person I ever met who hated VDay... and now I know how it feels. (although the 12 year delay is a bit weird. Probably comes of having spent 23 years in a church that never celebrated the holiday...)

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